Gilgit Baltistan: The rough terrain and natural beauty of Gilgit Baltistan have made it an admirable destination for spring blossom lovers.

The blossom-laden trees are the best part of spring in the region of Gilgit Baltistan. With light purple, white and crimson mixed with magical precision, the flower-laden almond trees are simply mesmerising. Watch this space for more soon.  

Visiting Gilgit Baltistan during spring-summer is like a beautiful dream come true. This is the time when all the flowers are in full bloom, making the region look like a paradise. Apricot trees rule the roster while cherry, peach and pear trees brim with flowers, after shedding all leaves. Flowers of wild perennial trees colour the gardens with their beautiful booms. Who will be fortunate (after braving those wide eyed exclamations coming from some well wishers) to descend in the picturesque region of Gilgit Baltistan during this year’s bloom time. Some of the world`s best cherries still come from Gilgit Baltistan and the cherry trees are also laden with white flowers in coming days.