If during vacations you would love to explore snow-clad mountains then skiing in Pakistan will offer you a golden chance to indulge in such expeditions. With fresh-fallen ice flakes, biting cool breeze and sky-touching mountains, the various destinations in Pakistan are sufficient enough to give you an adrenaline rush.

About Skiing

This activity involves the action of gliding on snow with the use of ski, which is a pair of long and narrow strips of flexible material fastened under the feet. It falls into three different categories.

  • Nordic Skiing: In this, the binding is attached to the toes of the boots instead of heels.
  • Alpine Skiing: This technique uses fixed-heel bindings, attached both to the toes and heels of the boot.
  • Telemark Skiing: It is the oldest and original form of this activity, and combines the elements of both Nordic and Alpine skiing.

The equipment needed to glide over the snow include skis, bindings, boots and helmet.

Best Locations for Skiing in Pakistan

Naltar: At an average elevation of 2800m, Naltar is located in the Gilgit district of the Gilgit Baltistan region. Bounded by the snowy peaks of the HindukushHimalayas, the hilly terrains here offer panoramic views of the lofty ranges of Naltar and Patundas.

Owing to its long stretch of peaks and snowy valleys, this place has emerged as an idyllic destination for skiing in Pakistan. For those who seek interest in the winter sports, the fascinating slopes of Naltar await a visit. Dotted with deodar and apricot trees, these slopes reduce the velocity of the biting winds and provide skiers a hassle free expedition.

Malam Jabba: Located in the Swat valley of Khyber Pukhtoonkhowa, Malam Jabba is one of the most prominent hill resorts in Pakistan. It is known for its scenery of sprawling green pastures. In summers, the place is in its full bloom with daisies and bluebells all around while the picture totally changes during winters, with it getting covered under a blanket of ice flakes.

Thus, skiing in Pakistan on extreme slopes of the cold mountains is an experience inviting adventure freaks throughout the year.

Best Time to Go for Skiing

The period from January to March is ideal to go for skiing in Pakistan as most of the slopes are well-covered under a thick blanket of snow. In Naltar, the season from January to March is the best while in MalamJabba, it is best to visit during mid-December to mid-March.