Naran Kaghan valley


One of the pleasures of visiting the Kaghan Valley is the picturesque drive from Rawalpindi to Abbottabad and onwards to Balakot, transferring to a four-wheel drive vehicle for the continuation of the journey to Naran, where the rest houses, hotels and motels are located. The Kaghan Valley is 154 Km long, rising to a height of 4,148m at Babusar Pass in the north. This is an ideal area for trekking and trout fishing and is a paradise for the botanist.

Lake Saif-ul-Muluk is one of the most popular scenic spots in the valley. This deep blue lake offers an awe-inspiring view of Mt. Malika Parbat - Queen of Mountains (5,291m). Shogran, Lake Lalusar and Babusar Pass are three places that make this Himalayan hideaway an unforgettable experience. The local people have retained their traditional hospitality and way of life. Time seems to stand still here when compared to the tumultuous roar of the nearby Kunhar River.