Life is a journey full of excitement and experience and that is what  Expert Treks & Tours is all about –a journey full of enthusiasm. Add exotic routes to that and it becomes an incredible journey to the most mystic wonderland called Pakistan. Backed by hardcore travel professionals that are experts in their domain will be at your back and call all through your journey. With our branches and representatives in almost every nook and the corner of the country, we are equipped with a wide range of professionals to cater to the requirements and preferences of each of our guests. We create an exclusive combination of products and top it up with the best of services. That is what makes ETT such a reliable destination management company. All our office staff spend time in the field updating and researching, to ensure you have the best holiday – every time! Safety, comfort and a unique local experience has always been on the top of our priority list. A combination of well-tailored itineraries and expert guides ensures that you have the perfect blend of adventure and relaxation. Whatever be the reason for your visit to Pakistan, we will make your journey look more beautiful than any sweet dream. The wind blowing through your hair, the feel of grass under your bare feet and the sight of a million twinkling stars in the night skies are just some of the experiences we aspire to give you. Safety, comfort and a unique local experience has always been on the top of our priority list.

Our Expertise

Breaking away from the traditional mould of travel, we have successfully established ourselves as the innovators when it comes to providing high quality services along with products of your choice. We tailor the product to suit your needs and allow you the freedom of incorporating your wishes and desires to make your itinerary one of the most memorable experiences. Book a holiday to Pakistan through Expert Treks & Tours routes and experience the difference for yourself. Our distinct range of services and packages will make you ask for more!

Adventures Tours

Excitement is guaranteed with our tailor-made adventure tours. Thorough planning with qualified professionals adhering to international safety measures and comfortable travel arrangements are essence of our tours.

Leisure Groups

We have a dedicated team of professionals who specialize in providing leisure travel facilities to inbound groups. Our experts help you plan itineraries that cater to all requirements of your group, such as flight scheduling, choosing specific hotel properties and detailed sightseeing schedules, quality service with our preferred partner hotels and airlines.

Incentive Travel

With each holiday tour, our experts bring to you the diverse culture and traditions, mouthwatering cuisines, world-class hospitality, and warm local people. Components that make for a great incentive travel holiday, especially when combined with business requirements such as multi-lingual guides and private planes.

FIT/Customized Holidays

We have specialists in our team to design FIT packages for individual travelers and small family groups. We help you create a holiday covering the cultural highlights of central Pakistan, royal splendor of Rajasthan, re-live the Indus civilization history of Harrpa and Moenjo Daro, Buddhist monstaries and sits of Taxila, Swat and Takht Bai or Mughal history of Lahore, golf your way around Pakistan’s best courses, and many such exciting holiday adventures


Our professionally managed MICE wing is well represented in all major metropolitan cities to assist you with specific MICE-related requirements.

Special Interest Groups

Our team ensures that they customize itineraries for various areas of interest – arts, crafts, music, festivals, culinary tours, wellness, photography tours, Pakistan railway journeys, sports, mosques, gurdwara and pilgrimages. We have a near endless list of special interest tours on offer.